Our Aim

The All-Girls Eco-Programme aims to educate females around the globe on environmental matters, equip them with analytical tools through a series of workshops, and empower them to envision solutions to environmental problems through research.

Our Stucture

Phase One:

Phase Two:

Phase Three:

Phase 1

The participants are allocated to one of the five educational blocks (climate, oceans and freshwaters, waste and pollution and energy). During this phase, participants are introduced to the scientific concepts, policies, and problems related to their educational block.

The climate block explores the global climate systems, paleoclimatic construction, climate modelling, climate change resilience and adaptability and the global governance of climate change.

The energy block brings to light the distribution of traditional energy sources, future energy challenges, factors causing energy crisis’, wind, tidal and geothermal energy technology, concentrated solar power and photovoltaics, energy storage, and future vehicles and the smart grid.

The waste and pollution block covers topics such as the waste hierarchy, waste classification, waste properties, waste disposal, electronic waste management, plastic waste management, healthcare waste management, air pollution, soil pollution and groundwater pollution.

The oceans and freshwaters delves into surface water pollution, marine pollution, coastal hydrodynamics and water resources governance.

Phase 2

This phase focuses on equipping our participants with analytical tools to be able to understand and dissect intricate environmental problems clearly. This summer we hosted a total of seven exciting workshops during this phase.

Phase 3

Participants form teams of 2-5 and are tasked to create a research paper. The papers explore an environmental problem of the teams’ choice by analysing key players involved, the impact and scale of the problem, root causes and mapped out potential solutions

Summer 2021 Cohort (Winning Entries)

Winners: Team Urja

Runners Up: The Coven

Finalist: Connect to Climate

Green Sisters

Programme Snippets