Lakshmi Bot

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Lakshmi Bot


According to National Family Health Survey (NFHS)-4, about 1 in 4 Indian women get married before the age of 18, and about 7.8% of women are mothers or pregnant between the ages of 15 to 19. Consequently, 33.6% of the population is born out of adolescent pregnancies in India, according to The News Minute (2018). National Family Health Survey-5 depicted that only 43.5% of people who menstruate between the ages of 15-24 years without schooling use hygienic methods of menstrual management, whereas 90.3% of menstruators who received schooling for 12 or more years opt for hygienic menstrual management. This report demonstrates the ardent need of education, and how it directly impacts the health of women. According to a fact sheet, in India, 2 million adolescent women lack access to contemporary contraception; 52 percent of adolescents who give birth attend the recommended minimum of four antenatal care appointments; and 78 percent of abortions performed on adolescents are unsafe, putting them at risk of complications. Also, after an unsafe abortion, 190,000 adolescents do not receive the treatment required.

Lakshmi Bot

The Intelligent Indian aims to conquer this by providing scientifically accurate, and morally neutral sex education through our platform for a healthier, happier and wiser generation. Our chatbot named Lakshmi, will answer all your queries related to menstrual and reproductive health as well as sexual wellness. Lakshmi will serve as your own reproductive and sexual health expert who will inform you with the most current and objective knowledge to remedy your burning questions and perpetuate consensual and safe relationships. Lakshmi can converse only in English for now, but in the coming months, she will be able to communicate in all Indian vernacular languages. Lakshmi promotes equity and affordability of information, and advocates for sexual and reproductive health and rights to further the attainability of Sustainable Development Goals and basic fundamental rights. The sources provided by Lakshmi are available in textual, audio and video formats which would make learning easy, accessible and entertaining.


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