Intern with TII

We look forward to short term/ long term internships from college students committed to international development, Global Goals and willing to devote their time and energy for empowerment of the poor and the marginalized communities through various online and offline engagements. Internships are a part of our Young People Engagement programme. Our interns come from diverse professional and educational backgrounds, and are seen as integral contributors to the movement The Intelligent Indian. 


We aim to provide

1. An opportunity to interns, to incorporate a hands-on approach and go beyond their theoretical knowledge of development issue.

2. Provide the interns the platform to develop a more grounded understanding of quality education in classrooms, menstrual hygiene and environmental issues. 

3. Giving interns an opportunity to learn advocacy, researching, campaigning, capacity building, innovation, networking skills and operational aspects in the area of international development.

4. Enable them to transform into committed global citizen voicing important issues on gender equality and education after the internship program.

Certificates and Perks

After the successful completion of the internship, the students are rewarded with an intern badge and a certificate. Many interns also get the change to work with us in our national/global programs on a part time basis.


Join Us

If you’re keen to be a part of this journey, please email us your CV along with a brief statement of interest at


What our Interns say about us