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About Prof G.D. Agrawal

Guru Das Agrawal also known as Sant Swami Sanand, Sant Swami Gyan SwaroopSanand (20 July 1932 – 11 October 2018) was an Indian environmental engineer, religious leader, monk, environmental activist, professor, and he was the Patron of Ganga Mahasabha founded by Madan Mohan Malviya in 1905. He was the first member-secretary of the Government of India’s Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).He was formerly head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at IIT Kanpur.

Agrawal was a sought-after environmental impact assessment consultant and is a director of Envirotech Instruments (P) Limited, New Delhi, a company that he established with some of his former students from IIT-Kanpur. At CPCB he was influential in shaping India’s pollution control regulatory structure. He was a member of various government committees shaping policy-making and administrative mechanisms to improve India’s environmental quality. He spearheaded several non-violent protests to save the sacred River Ganges, the natural mother of Indian culture and civilisation, by insisting on maintaining the uninterrupted flow of Bhagirathi River in its natural form between Gangotri to Uttarkashi.

Prof G.D. Agrawal

Centre for Scientific Development and Environment Advocacy (CSDEA) is a flagship program of TII and is established for forging collaborations with young people. The centre is a tribute to Late. Prof. G.D. Agrawal who was a brilliant scientist, a path-breaking environmentalist, a national-builder and a hero in every sense. This virtual centre acts as a safe space for young people to access tools and resources  to gather information around environment sustainability and climate change. It also inspire learners to co-develop evidence-based, innovative projects addressing local environmental sustainability challenges. Prof. Agrawal died demanding the government act on its promises to clean and save the river Ganga.

The centre closely works with community based NGOs, schools, higher education institutions to proliferate the work of Prof. Agrawal in the field of science and sustainability and train young minds to take charge.

Plan of action

Centre for Scientific Development and Environment Advocacy is a platform for engaging with students and faculties across the globe and disseminate knowledge and short term online programs around Sustainable Development Goals 2030 by the United Nations. The main focus will be on the below global goals –

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